Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Figaro Bistrot Avec Mes Amis

I recently had friends in town and wanted to show them the best spots in LA - especially for dining out. I took them to Katsuya in Hollywood and Don Antonio's in Santa Monica, but on our last night together, my plans came to a fumbling halt when opentable.com denied our request for reservations at Taste on Melrose. After dealing with the frustration that is technology, I decided to look for a spot closer to home that would impress both by way of edibles and environment: Figaro Bistrot.

The French restaurant features a dimly lit interior filled with antique-mirror donning walls and miscellaneous chandeliers, low lounge-like tables and plush overstuffed chairs to match. The mood and environment are laid back, yet luxurious.

The food is right on par with the decor. It's rich, flavorful and aesthetically pleasing to boot. I ordered the French Onion soup to start, and was happily surprised to enjoy the soup past the melted cheese and bread topping that usually serves as my sole excuse for ordering a bowl. The Parmesan-encrusted Alaskan Halibut trumped all other seafood I've consumed as of late, arriving atop a crispy risotto cake served in a lemon garlic aioli sauce. Both the fish and risotto cake were cooked to perfection.

The menu is (by no surprise) en Francais, with English descriptions below each item; perfect for those of us who have peu d'expérience with the foreign language. But even if you mistakenly order le poisson instead of le poulet, you won't be disappointed. Nothing can pacify the enjoyment a meal shared with friends exchanging jokes and memories over the flickering flames of slow burning candles.

Keep your eyes open, too, when you you're at Figaro Bistrot. We happened to spot former 90210-er Lindsay Price. She's just as pretty in real life as she was on "Lipstick Jungle."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the Name of Love and Food

This year for Valentine's day, my boyfriend took me to Paris...just kidding! But he did take me to an amazing little Parisian cafe where we spent the early afternoon hours outdoors enjoying the gleaming sunshine at a tiny wrought-iron table for two.

Via Yelp

Cafe Los Feliz on Hilhurst specializes in baked goods, all of which look tantalizingly tasty through the display case in the restaurant. This delectable noshery also offers a number of sandwiches which fittingly are served on the cafe's breads or croissants.

Via Yelp

After a long, prolonged encounter with the menu, I decided on the breakfast sandwich: scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, tomato, pepper jack cheese, and a light mayo-inspired sauce on a freshly baked croissant. I've never had a better breakfast sandwich or croissant in my life.

Cafe Los Feliz is just a few blocks away from the ever popular Alcove, another indoor/outdoor cafe and bakery. The Alcove's outdoor eating area is monstrous in size compared to the Cafe's four table sidewalk spread - and so are its prices, but only by comparison. The cost of brunch for two at Alcove is twice the price of the Cafe, but equally enjoyable. It appears that the Alcove is a more dressed up version of the its smaller competitor located up the street. What can I say? Every now and then, I like to root for the underdog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pie Pops

What is it about miniature food that is so cute? These homemade pie pops are a fun idea. I love how each flavor--apple, pumpkin, banana and blackberry--has its own little icon. Wouldn't they be great for a party?

Via "A Cup of Jo"