Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hangin' with Jack Bauer

As if it's not distracting enough to work in an office, where nearby conversations, furies of keyboard clattering and different musical preferences are forced to meld together, add a Hollywood shoot to the environment and the level of perplexity becomes immediately intensified.

From Wednesday through Friday, the cast of the hit Fox show 24 took over the lobby, elevators and outdoor area of my office building, One Bunker Hill. Kiefer Sutherland and gang could be seen throughout the day acting in various different scenes, from some sort of bank heist, to action scenes in the elevators and on-foot chases overtaking the sidewalks.

Kiefer playing chess during a break on the set.

Freddie Prinze Jr. getting ready for shooting to begin.

Freddie and Kiefer in between takes. Photo taken from inside Coffee Bean, my coffee shop of choice.

It was clear from the hot dog stand, long line of yellow cabs, and extras dressed in buttoned-up black that the episode is meant to take place in NYC rather than LA. The only thing that remained true to the laid back style of the West coast was the relaxed nature of the crew, including Sutherland, who was nice enough to pose for a shot with me.

Kiefer and I before his next scene began.


  1. It must be fun to work with such nice distractions! No diversions at most places of employment that would be worthy of sharing, especially with a photo!

  2. Umm this is really great, I am officially a big fan of your blog!

    - EW

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos and your story. Happy for you that you got to meet Kiefer! How fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos and your story. Sounds like a lot of fun to see 24 filming taking place. And it's great that you got to meet Kiefer too. Good for you, how fun!

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos and story. Must be fun to see 24 filming. And you got to meet Kiefer too. Good for you, how fun!

  6. Im so jealous and happy for you. NICE

  7. Niiiice! You look so pretty next to Kiefer. Great pics!

  8. OMG! I can't believe it, I want a picture with Jack!

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